Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions Your Critter Sitter Pet Services.

Your Critter Sitter as a professional Pet Services business, and Trained Team, agrees to provide all services as contracted with the client in a reliable and trustworthy manner.

Client House Keys: Your Critter Sitter makes every effect to pick-up client’s house keys at the complimentary Meet & Greet, if this is not possible keys can be dropped in the Your Critter Sitter locked mail box, 16 George Street, Sydenham, 2044.

Key Security: Your Critter Sitter tags and marks all client keys with an individual number (not address). Keys are kept in the office security box. Your Critter Sitter can retain house keys for the convenience of clients for future pet services.

House Alarms: Your Critter Sitter will ensure that alarm procedure is full understood and noted at the time of the Meet & Greet however if for what ever reason the alarm is tripped the associated costs are the responsibility of the client.

Home Kennelling: No dog will be Home Kennelled by Your Critter Sitter unless a current C5 is sighted. The client accepts responsibility and payment to repair all damage done to the home or property while his/her dog is being boarded.

Pet Sitting: It is the client’s responsibility to provide sufficient food and litter, and to have explained all the details related to feeding and housing their pet(s). The client agrees to pay a shopping charge of $20 plus the cost of additional food or litter.

Beyond Basic: Where the pet sitting services requires more complicated feeding, or more time consuming food preparation or more care might be necessary, then the basic fee may have to be reviewed. This can be discussed either by email, over the phone or during the Meet & Greet.

Complimentary Services: Your Critter Sitter offers the following complimentary services with Pet Sitting, bring in mail and newspapers, putting out and bringing in rubbish bins on the appropriate days, watering indoor plants or outdoor pots. More than this or a complicated watering schedule may require an additional fee. This can be discussed either by email, over the phone or during the Meet & Greet.

Medication: Your Critter Sitter will administer medication but must be fully informed and shown how medication is to be given.

Home Safety: It is the client’s responsibility to ensure their pets will be safe when left at home. Your Critter Sitter accepts no responsibility for negligence of any kind to home or pets where entry to premises is given to a friend, relative, neighbour or any other party, e.g. Real Estate Agents, Cleaners or Tradesmen.

Fines: The client undertakes to reimburse Your Critter Sitter for any out of pocket expenses or fines levied by council, police or other authorities pertaining to animal behaviour/regulations or the cost in retrieving any missing animals.

Cancellation Fees: The client agrees to pay Your Critter Sitter 20% of the service fee for any cancellation of a service where notice is not given or is less than 12 hours.

Public Holiday Surcharge: The client agrees to pay a Public Holiday surcharge levied at 100% of the applicable daily fees.

Pet Service Deposit: Your Critter Sitter requires a 50% deposit before the commencement of the pet service with the balance paid on return of keys or return home. The client acknowledges Your Critter Sitter is registered for GST and undertakes to pay the current fees.

Information Sharing: Please be assured Your Critter Sitter does not share your information with any third party.