Your Critter Sitter believes pets should not be used to fill our emotional needs but be in the true sense, an Animal Companion, part of the family, respected and loved, with responsible care taken for their welfare and well being.

Our Services

Your Critter Sitter is the complete Mobile Pet Service; hydro-bath dog washing, dog grooming, dog walking,
selective home kennelling with overnight facilities, and pet sitting, dog, cats, birds, fish, reptiles and insects.

Pet Sitting

Your Critter Sitter provides a Pet Sitting Service for all pets, cats and dogs, insects and reptiles, fish and birds. The most stress-free, safest and most comfortable place for your pet while you are away is its own home. We will visit your pet as often as requested.

Dog Walking

Dog Walking Groups are walked Monday to Friday between 9am and 4pm. Dogs are walked in all but the heaviest rain and in flood conditions. Broken into 4 walks per day, dogs are picked up from your home, apartment or office and returned.

Puppy Socialisation

Puppies need to be socialised and exposed to different environments to become confident, well-adjusted family pets that relate well to other dogs and people. We provide that all important next step after Puppy School.

Dog Washing

Your Critter Sitter is the complete Mobile Dog Washing and Dog Grooming Service. Our dog washing service provides a warm hydro-bath, a range of soap-free shampoos and revitalising conditioners, blow-dry and a spritz of dog cologne.

Living and Working in Your Community

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