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Heather & Hannah

We are the Owner/Operators of Your Critter Sitter. We offer Professional Pet Services to Sydney's Inner West. Dog Walking, Pet Sitting, Puppy Socialisation Groups and Online Pet Products.

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Meet Our Team

The Critter Team provides Dog Walking Monday to Friday, collect and deliver, fun and games in fenced parks. Our Pet Sitting service is available 7 days a week, cats, dogs, birds and fish.

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We Provide A Very Personalised And Flexible Service. Let's Talk Soon.


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Your Critter Sitter Pet Products

A Specialised Range of Dog and Cat Products for the Most Beloved of Pets



Heather Ford and Hannah Collins are the Owner/Operators of Your Critter Sitter. Based in Marrickville they and their Team  of experienced, passionate animal lovers provide Pet Services to Sydney’s Inner West.

Dog Walking is a fundamental part of dog ownership because the family pet no longer has to spend the day scavenging or hunting for his meals. Our city living family and apartment dwelling pets are more likely to be overweight, unfit, and confined to the house or small yard, socially isolated and bored. This can lead to the destructive habits of excessive barking, digging and attention seeking behaviour such as jumping up, nipping and rough play.


  • A stress-free workday knowing your dog is being exercised
  • The joy of knowing your pet is playing with other dogs in the park
  • The knowledge your dog is having a break in the day to relieve boredom
  • A regular service Monday to Friday with pick up and delivery
  • Flexible cancellation with no late notice fees
  • Add or subtract days with a text or email by 9 am the morning of the scheduled walk
  • A dog that reflects your love and attention in his over-all condition plus fewer trips to the vet

Pet Sitting in the comfort and security of your own home is the easiest and most stress-free option for you cat, bird, fish, small animal (rats, guinea pigs, rabbits). We will visit as often as required and keep to your pets familiar routine.


  • Peace of mind about your pet’s safety
  • Regular text, video or Facebook updates
  • A trustworthy and on-going relationship for you and your pet
  • We will bring in the mail and newspapers, water indoor plants
  • VIP clients need only give us an hour notice to have us cared for their pet

How it Works

Fill in your own and your pet’s personal details on our Registration page and we will contact you by email to arrange a complimentary Meet & Greet. We will discuss the service you require,  take down any special instructions, collect a set of house keys (All keys a number coded and kept in the office safe) and invoice you.

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Features when choosing a Your Critter Sitter Dog Walker

  • Not having to worry about your dog being locked up all day
  • Knowing your dog is going to have fun
  • Having a backup in an emergency that your dog knows and is comfortable with
  • Someone who supports your effects to be a good dog owner and to take care of the health and welfare of your pet
  • Provide a constant routine giving daily structure which dogs need to reduce stress
  • No need for a Boarding Kennel for overnighters or weekends away if your dog can be fed and walked by his familiar friendly dog walker
  • Experience and knowledge at your fingertips from someone who has handled your dog and knows it’s personality and background e.g. recommendations on local vets or dog groomers
  • A happy dog means a happy owner!

Features when choosing a Your Critter Sitter Pet Sitter

  • Staying at home means no risk of exposure to other animals illness or parasites
  • No travel trauma and the stress of being put in a cage, no matter how large
  • One on one personal care and attention for your pet
  • Medications being given at appropriate times
  • You can be confidence the Critter Team are professionals and have the knowledge and experience to deal with any issues that may arise.
  • Peace of mind with the Critter Team

Contact us Today to discuss your requirements

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Hannah and Heather have been part of our family for nearly 4 years. They have been  fundamental in the rehabilitation and socialisation of our rescue dog Zasha. Zasha is the dog she is today because of their kind, firm care. We highly recommended YCS for all your pets care. You will not be let down.

Jean Alvisse & Zasha


The services we have received from Your Critter Sitters over the last year with our little fluff ball Milo has been nothing but amazing. The team constantly go above and beyond. They are reliable, have the best interests of milo as the first priority and are always available to help. An added bonus is seeing the video and photos posted to Facebook of Milo so happy with his mates.

Sue Forsyth, Amber Jenkins & Milo


Hannah and Heather have been looking after my two boys since they took over Your Critter Sitter 5 years ago.
It is always a huge relief to know that they are there whilst I’m away. Hannah and Heather add a lovely personal touch to their services, such as the great updates of photos and emails.
And most importantly the boys love them!
Jo, Leo and Ted