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Heather & Hannah

Your Critter Sitter, Owner/Operators, bring together the basic values from their generation of honesty, reliability, and a genuine work ethic with the moden principles of todays business model based on community and people.

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Meet Our Team

Your Critter Sitter dedicated team of pet professionals offer you 7 day a week pet services giving you a stress-free holiday or the ability to deal with a business or family emergency

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“The 5 Mistakes Dog Owners Make and How To Avoid Them”


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You will love our very own range of natural pet care products and our new ceramic pet bowls with free delivery!


Heather & Hannah Owner/Operators of Your Critter Sitter.

We have been in the Pet Industry business long enough to know what our Pet Owners want. They want a friendly, flexible, dependable Team of experienced Pet Professionals who offer a full range of pet services.

We know our Dog Owners need a flexible, reliable dog walking service, 5 days a week, in all weather. They want Dog walkers who understand their dog is not ordinary but special, a loved and treasured member of the family. They know we do more than just the basics, more than just pick up, walk and return their dog to property or apartment. We provide another ‘set of eyes’ watching over their dog’s health and wellbeing, reporting any changes. We provide information and support.

Our Cat owners want the very best in Pet Sitting care so they can escape overnight, for a weekend, a week or a month. They know we will feed their cat, give medication, clean out the litter tray and give cuddles. They receive reassuring texts and updates, photos and videos, and that all important message on our Facebook page.

All our Pet Owners, dog, cat, bird, fish, small animal, hen, know Your Critter Sitter is the local Team with the big white van.


Living and Working in Your Community