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Your Critter Sitter blog is how I see the world of pet ownership after working in our business for 5 years. It is about practical, reasoned ideas and suggestions wrapped in the human emotions we hold for our fluffy animal companions called Pets! I share my ideas and opinions, my views and the insights I have gained over the years working with animals. I will also share the ideas of the dog trainers I admire and the pet experts who are always trying to add to our knowledge of animal behave, care and well being.

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  • Natural Remedies for Spring Allergies

    While some dogs are not bothered by flies these that are can be driven crazy with the constant buzzing around their heads, biting their ears and settling on their backs. Flies can be partially persistent and annoying to older dogs.

    A non chemical option is Outdoor Care.

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  • When the Grieving Ends…

    Losing a Fur Member of the family is devastating. I didn’t think Heather would ever get over losing Alex. Alex was only 10 and had been raised for a puppy, through the couch eating and door scratching, the endless training and the weekends of fun. Here we discuss…

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  • Effective Leadership

      ‘Effective Leaders create a vision and set goals’. Dog owners need to be the same, have a dream, create a vision, and set the goals.  And, yes, we are talking about Leadership and dog ownership. Owning a dog is for the lifetime of the dog and that can...

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  • Are you a good Pack Leader?

    I have a friend I walk with in the park. We walk all year round, wet or dry. We’ve been walking together for years.  And even after all that time I still look forward to every walk and get pretty excited when I’m putting my coat on and going...

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  • Grooming

    Grooming is not only your responsibility as a dog owner but is also important for the overall physical maintainance and wellbeing of your pet. Regular grooming prevents matts and tangles, removes loose dirt and the build-up of dead undercoat hair. Daily brushing also builds that all important special bond...

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  • Dog Walking because…

    Heather & I walk dogs every morning Tuesday through Saturday. Most  have walked on the same  day with the same  group for a number of years and they know each other very well. They’re a band of happy wanderers, sniffing around every tree base, along every fence, stopping to...

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